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Exterior Barrier Treatment in Buffalo, NY.

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Carpenter Ant Treatment in Buffalo, NY
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Bugg Control's "NO BUGGS" program provides a complete exterior maintenance program for the prevention of crawling and flying insects. If you are looking for insect exterminators or bug exterminators in the Buffalo NY area, Bugg Control Inc. is the smart choice!

Our three Exterior Barrier Treatments encompass the foundation and perimeter of your property. It may include areas such as cracks & crevices, eaves & soffits and windows & doors, and all the places where troublesome pests try to enter your home. Carpenter Ant treatments, Bee and Wasp Control, spiders, beetles, roaches, mosquitoes and more can all be completely eradicated with our Exterior Barrier Treatment!

The "NO BUGGS" program is seasonally based focusing on spring, summer and fall applications to provide year round protection.

SPRING: It's the season for newly emerging colonies of insects to begin foraging for food, water and shelter around your home. Our barrier protection focuses on targeting these emerging insects before they set up housekeeping in your home.

SUMMER: Pests rapidly multiply in the landscaped areas around your property. We control there breeding grounds using highly targeted and environmentally responsible approaches to solve specific issues.

FALL: Some pests slow down their breeding and development cycles. As cooler weather returns, pests will begin to seek out the comfortable shelter of your residence. Bugg Control focuses on all potential avenues into your residence.
Bugg Control's Exterior Barrier Treatment
Our program is customized to meet the varying climate changes of our area to best protect your property To enhance our service, we have our exclusive 3 step No Buggs-Kleen Windows program. This program provides is a complete exterior maintenance program for Spring, Summer and Fall.

You get: 3 exterior barrier treatments. Our No Buggs program 3 quality assurance inspections. A thorough inspection checking application effectiveness. 3 exterior window cleanings. Removing residue from windows as well as webs and pest evidence Our NO BUGGS and KLEEN WINDOWS program is a NO BRAINER!

Additionally a 5 foot band is applied around the base of the foundation and perimeter of your structure. Special attention is given to where siding or other composite overlaps the exterior wall or foundation.

With the use of baiting in known activity areas such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, under sinks and around water lines we can control or eliminate pests from the interior of your home.

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